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How to Promote Your Campaign

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

It starts with trust! Your initial crowd plays an important role in activating your network effect. It is known that when referred by a friend or family, people are 4X more likely to donate.

  1. Promote to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors! Ask them to share the campaign with THEIR circle !

  2. Send updates to your network throughout the campaign, and also after it ends. But don't bombard people with messages - since they might be tempted to feel like it's spam.

  3. Update your campaign with new pictures and latest updates to give them more reasons to talk about you

  4. Don't forget to personally thank every supporter - in person, via text messages and email and through comments on your crowdfunding page and in social media posts

What if I don't know a big crowd? We're convinced that everyone has a first-level network that consists of friends and family. The key factor is that they should know you personally and trust you. Just ask them to help you with a contribution and/or spread the word about your fundraiser!

How to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

A few easy ways to promote your campaign by clicking each of the buttons in the blue bar on the fundraising campaign web page

  1. Like, follow, and subscribe on Facebook

  2. Add more pictures and videos : Post pictures and videos of team members and games!

  3. Choose from Facebook posts and send through Messenger

  4. Twitter

  5. LinkedIn

  6. Share a message with up to 10 email addresses at one time with friends, fans, family, neighbors – using your crowdfunding page email system. Simply click the blue email button on the bar, fill in the form with your name and email address, your message, and up to 10 email recipients - and click the Send button

  7. Copy/paste a link to your campaign page through mobile text messages, add to other social media posts, in other email, etc. You can also download a QR code as an image to post or print it where people can scan the QR code with their mobile phones

  8. Pinterest

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