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Hey parents and team members!

We're partnering with Safe Sponsors Group, a social donation platform that empowers us to receive donations from our networks, communities, and supporters. This innovative platform harnesses the magic of social media and email, making fundraising safe, enjoyable, and interactive.

Here's the scoop on our upcoming fundraiser:


  • Fundraising Platform: We're going digital with an online portal from Safe Sponsors Group to make donating super easy.

  • Why Your Participation Matters: This fundraiser's success relies on all of us getting involved and showing our team spirit. Every bit counts, and together, we can achieve our goals.

  • Your Support Makes a Difference: To kickstart this, we're asking each family to provide at least 20 email addresses of your biggest fans - those who'd love to support our team. You're the key to our success! Safe Sponsors Group will send updates to the email addresses you provide to make sure you don't miss a single donation. The ball still starts rolling with you contacting your supporters during your fundraising Power Hour, but we'll tie up loose ends and remind your supporters to donate with our follow up email customized to your fundraising campaign. 

  • Protecting Your Privacy: Rest assured, your personal info is safe and sound with Safe Sponsors Group. They won't use your data for anything other than this fundraiser.

To get started, just follow the step-by-step guide below:

How Fundraising with Safe Sponsors Group Works

How to Get the Best Results From Your Fundraiser

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